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Autumn hues capture the imagination of all those blessed enough to feel the crisp air on their skin; the mesmerizing evening scene soothing souls, slowing steps that crunch leaves in catharsis   The landscape burning a brilliant red like a million dying suns enveloping the distant horizons, glowing away the last warmth of wisdom awaiting to embrace the darkness   For the summer sun shines no more but cold winds conquer the night The battle against time is the only one inevitably lost; Every glorious story ends, yet remains etched in hearts for eternity   Oh how spectacular can letting […]

Human touch

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Relationship status of tinder-matches turned fuckbuddies, of strangers who sext through their lonely nights   Without asking the other what their name means, or never watching their eyes sparkle when they talk about their passion   Tagging each other in memes while saving BuzzFeed for the special days they feel like bonding, bitmoji doing their bidding for booty calls   Staying silent about that nasty scar on her hips and never mentioning the night he broke down in a bar   For why bother sky gazing when you can get as high as them, in the back of a car that’s […]

Gardens and galaxies

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Don’t measure my pain against yours for no shade of dark nights comes with a scale to compare with absolutes of nothingness   My customised prison cell comes with dying, rotting flowers I once nurtured, everything futile, I weep as I wait to be finally one with what was once my pride   And maybe, maybe yours is the illusion of company like a thousand brilliant lights high up in the sky desperately trying to reach their warmth even as they blind you, burn you   How could we, strangers made from different stardust ever empathize without colliding and destroying […]

Prague – Maslow’s basics

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There’s a reason Prague is so popular with tourists. It’s cheap, accessible and has some of the coolest bivo – or beer – places you’ll ever come across. The Bohemian city has been like that dramatic theatre kid throughout history, always in the spotlight. And spotlight it gets. Be it acting as a catalyst of the 30 years war or a President that rivals Trump in the crazy department, they’ve got it all. Getting to Prague, of course, is easy. Just fly in on their large, eerily deserted airport. Like most major airports, they have a bus (119) that travels […]

Date Night

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The perfect gentleman, picked me up at 7 pm, with a hug letting me whine about rains as the setting sun slowly warmed my heart, in your car   But you don’t really care, did you? About where I spent my childhood, about the passion in my voice as I spoke about synapses being beautiful   All you wanted, needed, was my body under yours, smitten, trusting your sincere eyes your hands on my breasts as I surrendered in counterfeit comfort   Heady and lightheaded, in minutes I’m out again, hair as unkempt as thoughts in the silence of the […]

Chester Bennington

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Dear Chester Bennington, You’re gone. You took your own life, in your apartment, on the birthday of your late friend Chris Cornell. I suppose you were in a place in your head, a place even your lyrical genius would have a hard time describing. Perhaps, it weighed down on you, all the years of abuse and suffering. Some memories are too heavy to carry forward, all alone. There are so many things I wish you’d know, now that you’re gone. I am a little too late, you’re gone a little too early. Your voice has seen me through plenty of […]

Things to do at Livingstone

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Livingstone, Zambia, is the closest city to the majestic Victoria Falls. Having spent weeks there, I consider myself in all things Livingstone. Although getting there can be a job, once you make it, it’s second to none. There are many different activities to participate in, to help you make your stay memorable. I got together with Travelicious and wrote an article about all the exciting things in store for you in the little town next to Mosi-oa-Tunya. Read it here and let me know what you think!

To-be Bride

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Oh, darling, don’t you look stunning? Maybe just cover up your cleavage a little You’re going to be someone’s honour and pride, so, don’t wear lipstick so bright   Let’s get you some haldi, make you fair and lovely just like her, without the burns, oh, but I’m so sure, she only had an accident while cooking   Such a brilliant child, with your PhD, be careful not to flaunt it He may not like feeling inferior to his new wife He’s the man of the house, you see?   Ah, yes, of course you can work! If your in-laws […]


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If its true, you’ll find each other again Like two people with perfect hair, we’ll meet each other again. Perhaps we’ll find each other in the same subway, or merely on tinder. Our love will rekindle and all the years, the anguish, will be worth it. At least, that’s what they tell me. Perhaps not all love is meant to last. Maybe love is as fleeting as a rainbow in the mist, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Perhaps, it’s the rarity that makes us stare in awe, and remember it fondly. Maybe, love isn’t about all the […]


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It’s midnight and the world is silent outside my window. It’s pitch dark, too grim, for my flickering fairy lights to fix. The hostility in the air is evident, suffocating me.   Chills run down my spine, knowing the inevitable is close. I slip on your shirt, the familiar warmth of you wrapping around me. It drowns me in the memories of long nights spent together, soul naked, yet the most secure I’ve felt. But tonight your shirt isn’t my blanket, no. I adorn it as my armour as I march on, to fight with enemies unknown.   Or perhaps, […]