Friendship Day

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So, I found out at midnight that it was friendship day today. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against assigned days for some relationship. Valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, dog’s day. They’re all good, man, they’re all good. I’m all for people keeping out one day of the year to express their love and gratitude. Because as much as we all would like to, we just fail to be kind to everyone every day. My problem with friendship day though is the amount of messages I get from people I don’t really consider friends. You might […]

About turning 20

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The exact moment I was born, I spent napping today. I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend that precious time. Nah, I had plans. I’m just consoling myself for the kind of lame life I lead. It’s not as fun as my social media might lead you to believe. But a girl’s gotta keep up her game. So, 20 entire years ago, as in 2 decades ago, I almost managed to kill my mother and myself in the process of being born. Maybe I was a lazy baby as well, but I was in a breech position and […]

Putting things in perspective

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“Why are you so serious about this shit?” they often ask me. Do you really want to know why I get agitated when I hear about a clear violation of women’s rights? You want to know why I proudly call myself a feminist and fume when someone states everyone is equal in 2016?   Maybe because right after I was born, some family friend remarked to my dad that he would have drowned himself in alcohol if he had a girl child. I hadn’t even lived a few days before someone thought I, or someone who shared the same physiological […]

Should have known 

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I’m the kind of person who doesn’t get over things very easily. You could say something nice to me and I’d appreciate it for days. A taxi driver might be rude to me and I’d think about it for hours. I should’ve known better,  I wouldn’t d get over you  so fast.  I should have known that even looking at vodka makes me want to go back to a time that was never meant to last. I should have known that the photos would only haunt me. I should have known that those songs would all remind me of you. […]


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I found this in my notes today. Just one of those post-heartbreak kind of rants. The truth is that I was vulnerable, And you were so right for me, like the breeze bringing me relief from the sun that burned my skin and soul I enjoyed your presence, Thought, you brought along spring, I felt my heart heal, forget the misery and then your beautiful hands, they wrapped around me like a shield Our love was strong, against the world There were drizzles on some days but rainbows always came along, But then the rains turned into hurricanes the eye […]

My shoulders distract you?

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Today we welcomed – and also scoffed at, felt pity and low-key judged – the first year students into college. As is tradition, the most important clubs and committees in the college are required to give a short presentation to the students about…well, basically we just brag in hopes of getting members and volunteers. Some of you may know this, but for the one very loyal reader from the Philippines and other newbies (I appreciate you) I must clarify things before I continue. I am part of the core committee for the Gender Issues Cell, which deals with any and […]


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Lately Saturday nights have been going rather slow. Instead of spending time with the best people on Earth, I do statistics in class and then end up collapsing in bed when I get home. Saturday night, and I’m nauseous because I might have had bad food. Also, I’m miserable. I knew that I would have to get on with life after Zambia, that it wasn’t permanent. It was supposed to be a trip to open my eyes and experience the world, and experience the world I did. I was free and happy, I was content. I knew I was making […]


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For a few days, expect a lot of pondering to happen in this space. If that’s not your cup of tea, well, see my Instagram instead. It’s pretty. When I told my parents I wanted to go see Africa, they were in doubt. And I get it, why wouldn’t they be? After all, most of us have been exposed to a very crude picture of Africa. The picture of malnourishment and malaria, the picture of blood diamonds and civil wars. And while this is true, it’s not what defines the entire continent. To put it in context, what if I used […]

Hello again, world

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It’s high time I get off the Zambia roller coaster and face life again. Because I am now in my third (and last) year of under graduation, and I have decisions to make. What am I going to study after this? Where am I going to study after this? Trust me, the lectures, the assignments, the tests and the practicals and the vivas leave little time for me to sit down and think. Not to mention, the world seems drastically different now than when I left. I took the liberty to not be super up to date with global news […]


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It’s been three days since I landed here, and guess what? No WiFi. So much fun. I’m not even being sarcastic. I miss the Internet, but I do get time to do other cool things, like you know,  run around with children around the water tank and then give them a piggy back ride. Also, dear Sam promised to teach me football. Fun. Where do I even start? I have a room to myself for about two weeks, and the washroom freaks me out. I forgot my sunscreen, which is no fun. But I did find a store which sells […]