It’s time for comebacks

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I am a twitter person. It’s my home, and I absolutely adore the space. It’s free and filled with people who are charming and witty. You can find people who are eccentric, and they soon become your friends. But there’s another group of people who spend all their waking hours making the lives of others absolutely miserable. The ignorant little pricks. Since yesterday, I’ve been trying to knock some sense into a guy who is, honestly, a lost cause. This one wants to slap activists who raised their voice over a human rights violation which was tied to the majority […]

Some things

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I am sitting here, trying to write about something. And Nissim Ezekiel warned poets and authors to not write unless something truly inspirational happened. I live a life not very adventurous, there is no Robert Frost in me to see the poetic potential in mundane everyday things. And so, I write about nothing. John Green said that someone else said that some infinities are bigger than other infinities. For example, in infinity between 1 and 10 in bigger than the infinity between 1 and 2. But can infinity be boxed? And if it is boxed, is it really infinity? And […]

Europe is lost

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Europe is lost, America lost, London is lost, Still we are clamouring victory. All that is meaningless rules, And we have learned nothing from history. People are dead in their lifetimes, Dazed in the shine of the streets. But look how the traffic keeps moving. The system’s too slick to stop working. Business is good. And there’s bands every night in the pubs, And there’s two for one drinks in the clubs. We scrubbed up well We washed off the work and the stress Now all we want’s some excess Better yet; A night to remember that we’ll soon forget. […]

Oh, Guardians of Culture

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Recently I stumbled upon a post, which led to a rather…peculiar website. I knew it stood against everything I believe in, but I was curious to read their justifications. This is what I read when I scrolled down, and well. Okay. If you insist, former football coach. I might also add that I find it amusing to see how football coaches are now qualified to make judgements about morality and immorality and call for an entire team movement against homosexuality. Screw the game, let’s talk about God and The Bible. I think this individual forgot that the “White Man’s Burden” […]


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There is a new video that everyone is talking about. #DearDaddy, it goes. Following the trend of making everything a hashtag, this video features an unborn girl talking to her father. She talks about how this world is not safe for girls, and their biggest perpetrators are men they know. Does it feel patriarchal in the first go? Yes. After all, the father is supposed to protect the daughter. But it is the underlying message that’s important. That everyday jokes and comments are what fuel violence against women, and they need to be targeted. It’s the call for action, however […]

Appreciating History

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When I was little, I detested studying history. Maybe it was about remembering the years and the timelines of all the emperors and kings, or maybe it was about the names of all the Greek philosophers I could never fathom. I didn’t find it interesting or necessary to study what happened in the past. I mean, who cared how the French Revolution happened? We got our ideas of liberty, fraternity and equality, which was more than enough for me. But then I realised, history isn’t that simple. You see, all my life I was taught that history can be divided […]

Equality, she says

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She stands in front of me, hands over her hips. With a brow raised, her eyes pierce through my soul and I try to read her mind. “Equality” she keeps saying to me. Equality between the sexes. She insists on splitting the bill. She thinks she should pay, but she doesn’t understand that it’s the man’s job to provide for his woman, to pamper her with dinner outside once in a blue moon for all the dinners she cooks at home. But she can’t cook, and she wants to split the bill. She hates the kitchen but she loves that […]

Appreciating Queerness

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I have a man’s body. I accept this body. I offer it to everyone. I have a woman’s body. I accept this body. I offer it to everyone. I have a man’s body. I reject this body. I desire no one. I have a woman’s body. I reject this body. I desire no one. I don’t know if my body is a woman’s or a man’s. I feel I am a woman. I don’t know if my body is a man’s or a woman’s. I feel I am a man. I have a man’s body. It should be a woman’s. […]

Humanity washes ashore every day, every where

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The photo of Aylan Kurdi, who died while trying to flee his war-struck country of Syria, was all over the social  media. A boy of three, face down, on the beaches of Turkey. Lifeless. Yes, we all know the photo. We all sympathise with the father, who lost both his children and his wife. We all want our policy makers to answer our questions. We all want justice. We all want to do something, anything, so that these atrocities stop. That is until the next celebrity break up. You see, our world kills people every single day and we don’t […]

Damn, Dove

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A friend of mine showed me some extremely famous advertisements (in form of social experiments) by Dove – the beauty products and body care brand. They were all about making women feel beautiful and accepting themselves as they are, helping them understand that they’re all perfect just the way they are. They aimed at helping women increase their self-worth and fix the skewed way in which we look at ourselves. Seeing that, I smiled and thought, wow, what an adorable, cute and caring little bunch of hypocritical jerks. I can almost hear the gasps by everyone. Trust me, I have […]