Date Night

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The perfect gentleman,

picked me up at 7 pm, with a hug

letting me whine about rains

as the setting sun slowly

warmed my heart, in your car


But you don’t really care,

did you?

About where I spent my childhood,

about the passion in my voice

as I spoke about synapses being beautiful


All you wanted, needed,

was my body under yours,

smitten, trusting your sincere eyes

your hands on my breasts

as I surrendered in counterfeit comfort


Heady and lightheaded,

in minutes I’m out again,

hair as unkempt as thoughts

in the silence of the dark

the drizzle was back



2 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. You know the worst part about this piece? How relatable it is. I am not trying to target men. Dating is weird, we always know what we want out of a relationship but never bother understanding the other person.

    1. It’s so difficult. I try to never play a game. But some people (men and women) don’t do the same. And that’s what complicates everything. And I’m so tired of just being needed for some exotic sex.

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