Dear young men

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A list of things that young men should worry about in 2017. Stuff happening currently that has the potential for destroying, or at the least impacting their lives severely. These must be the things to be talked about on social media, on group forwards, in bars and in debates.

  1. Unemployment – It’s no secret. Finding jobs is getting difficult, especially jobs that pay the rent and keep you fed (ideally without sacrificing your mental health and social life)
  2. Tuition – For those of the current generation looking to pursue further studies, you know what I’m talking about. The tuition is crazy. The books are way too expensive. Dorms and overpriced. And yes, expect random ways universities exploit you, like “examination charges”, because your thousands of dollars were not adequate enough to buy some paper for exam.
  3. Toxic masculinity and gender roles – No crying, only being aggressive is such a faux pass. You are human. You have emotions. And you must show them to be, you know, a normally functioning and well-adjusted person.
  4. Climate Change – No, climate change isn’t a hoax started by the Chinese. You know why? Because it’s already wrecking (well-documented) havoc all over the world, and it could just wipe off our species. But then, we would very much deserve it. The ultimate karma slap.
  5. Extremism – It’s not alt-right, it’s nazism. It’s the hatred for cultures other than your own, and the completely unfounded idea of superiority over others. Boy, you’re ready to kill millions of Middle-Eastern people in the name of Jesus who was born in…the Middle East. Sounds about right.
  6. LGBTQ+ rights – It’s not special treatment, it’s human rights. Everyone has the right to exist and live a decent life without barring them from everyday activities, thank you very much.
  7. Syria – If children dying in chemical attacks and bombings by both the government and rebels (in-turn supported by various other countries) doesn’t make you question humanity, I don’t know what will. Granted, you or I cannot make it stop. But we must be aware, and we must keep raising a voice.
  8. Brexit – It’s a mess, mate. The negotiations are going to be tough, affecting an entire continent. But the pressing issue is that an entire country chose to vote basically against immigration. They chose to completely let their economy be devastated only because their co-worker had a different accent.
  9. Ransomware attack – This might be old news soon, but right now (May 2017) the world is being targeted by a ransomware attack that affected NHS in the UK, production of Renault in France and electric companies in India. We’ve seen major companies trying to grapple with the threat that technology brings. If nothing, it’s a reminder of how easy it is to break our system.
  10. Healthcare laws – It’s your right to have a healthy life, and you must have access to nutrition, medicines, exercise and even stuff as basic as clean air. But since wealth is increasingly becoming a prerequisite to health, and laws more skewed, most of us are doomed to be unable to afford the basics.
  11. Pineapple being on Pizza – Actually, might be the most pressing matter. People should not be using pineapple as a pizza topping (or on anything, really)
Now that we’ve covered things that should be highlighted, I figured it’s a good time to also point out things that young men think are important (and spend considerable energy ranting about them) but are really not things that even exist.
  1. Friendzone – When someone doesn’t want to date you, they aren’t placing you in any zone (however, you do deserve to be in the douchebag zone). Nobody owes you a relationship or sex for being nice. Also, side note, if a girl does go out with you/ have sex with you, please don’t slut shame her either. Thanks.
  2. Female privilege – oh, so you think maternity leave is a privilege? After all, why should you pay for someone “getting leave”. They totally aren’t going to push a human out of their vagina and then be expected to take care of the baby by themselves while also having an (underpaid) job and coming home to the (unpaid) second shift. So much privilege, geez.
  3. Men’s rights activism – the struggle is real, totally. Men have no rights, they only completely dictate the corporate world, the government, have a better pay and education prospectus, have lower social pressure. Those reserved seats for women on the bus though, gah, complete oppression of men. Such pity.
Be alert. Be angry. At things that exist.

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