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It’s midnight and the world

is silent outside my window.

It’s pitch dark, too grim,

for my flickering fairy lights to fix.

The hostility in the air is evident,

suffocating me.


Chills run down my spine,

knowing the inevitable is close.

I slip on your shirt,

the familiar warmth of you

wrapping around me.

It drowns me in the memories

of long nights spent together,

soul naked,

yet the most secure I’ve felt.

But tonight your shirt

isn’t my blanket, no.

I adorn it as my armour

as I march on,

to fight with enemies unknown.


Or perhaps, far too well known.


I’m too young to know

what it means to be lonely

and accept it, embrace it.

Ha, here I am.

Midnight, abandoned in a corner

even within my circle of friends.

I’ve made acquaintance

with my single glass of wine.

They’ve called it poison for my body,

but tonight it might just be

my elixir, my shield.


Do you hear it? It’s coming.


Be alert.

It’s like a wolf in

sheep’s disguise, poorly worn.

And yet, I’ll convince myself

to let the mask on.

I don’t have the ammunition,

or the ambition

to face the demons

that were created for the sole purpose

of ripping my soul into shreds,

until the scatters

make no sense anymore.


Denial until doom, darling.


There, I sense it.

The winds have wound up

into a storm,

the clouds have been conjured

to block my northern star from

showing me the way.

There is no running now.

I’m captive in my own fortress,

seized by the invincible.


It’s time to fight.

Fight until I see the light,

or until I disappear into the night.

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