Italy – Day 1

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After an awfully long period of waitning for my visa, I was finally in Europe. So, in a matter of two days, I travelled from Mumbai to Munich, Munich to Basel (Switzerland), Basel to Belfort (France) and Belfort to Rome. And it’s the last bit that I should be focusing on. Since I missed my flight to Rome on the 31st of May (thanks, bureaucracy) I was forced to look at other options at the very last minute – and I mean, literally just a day in advance. The cheapest option I found was a direct bus, all the way […]


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Today morning, mama told me she had a surprise for me. I got up and brushed, with her help, and snuglled back into blankets. I knew mama would do something for me today, afterall, it was my birthday! Everyone came into my room in the evening – mama, papa, didi and all the nurses. Papa was carrying a lot of gifts, and mama a big, big tiffin box. Didi ran to me and made me wear my party hat, and tied up balloons next to my bed. They nurses took my IV drip off – as a small birthday gift, […]

To the white boys

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I’m not your exotic princess   My skin, shades of brown, narrates stories more ancient than time, and yet, it is reduced to the colour of your favorite coffee   Hair, dark as the night, they fly in pride; as I stride to conquer the world that you bent against me, but you’d rather have them dyed – light   A little too wide, pair of eyes, curious to absorb eternity, but careful to remain eluded, to give away nothing that you can use as a gun to my head   You can carry the ammunition as right, yet you fear […]

The boy

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There is nothing that can convince me that you were a mistake. It was you who gave me faith; who made me believe I was capable of loving and being loved. I could eat your fries without it being treated as a cardinal sin. And then, cry into each others’ arms on the beach at 2 am on a weekday, just because life is hard and we didn’t have words. You came rushing when I was in the hospital, and you assumed I was dying – I was not. Oh, how you just held my hand as the pain kicked […]

Dear young men

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A list of things that young men should worry about in 2017. Stuff happening currently that has the potential for destroying, or at the least impacting their lives severely. These must be the things to be talked about on social media, on group forwards, in bars and in debates. Unemployment – It’s no secret. Finding jobs is getting difficult, especially jobs that pay the rent and keep you fed (ideally without sacrificing your mental health and social life) Tuition – For those of the current generation looking to pursue further studies, you know what I’m talking about. The tuition is […]


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Longing for a home that exists outside the realm of possibility   for I was taught that home is where the heart is yet mine lies cold in search of meaning, if there is any   perhaps I am doomed to be wandering finding love and hate and the comfort in between and not in dichotomies   there is no peace hidden in greys but in the hues of life places, people I yearn to be mine for eternity but soon I remind myself of the futility

Making the world mine

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In my little corner, my fortress of solitude, I look at the my grandma’s globe. The places I’ve been, bring a curve to my lips. The places I dream of, make my heart race. Oh, how I wish to make them all home. From the Serengeti to Santorini, sprinkle a part of me. Even when I die, I will stay alive, in the places I’ve been. The people, oh the people and their stories. Stories of watching the northern lights from an iglu and getting lost in the middle of a desert with only a bottle of water and the […]

Modern day romance 

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Alas, life isn’t like the movies. I might never find my one true love and live happily ever after. I might, perhaps, find someone beautiful and then fuck it all up. I might not get butterflies in my stomach at their sight, and I might not get the adrenaline rush of having to defend something pure and magical. Life might not bless me with a romance I crave for. Maybe it’s time to accept the harsh reality and move on. To accept that modern day romance probably won’t accommodate my ideas of love. That I will have to make do […]

Ways to make them smile

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Leave notes for them Cook them their favorite food Cuddle Plan to binge watch their favorite movies Plan a night out Build a fort together Go on a long drive Stargaze Take a trip to the beach Pick up a flower that reminds you of them Kiss their forehead Just, kiss them Try singing them their favorite song Set them a warm bath Click candid photos of them Run an errand for them Listen to them Hug them a little longer, a little tigher Gift them a good book Compliment their outfit Tickle them Have a breakfast date Call them […]

To the year unimagined

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It’s already the second day of 2017 for half the world, and it still seems strange. 2017 is the year I never really thought about. I had elaborate plans about it when I was younger, plans of graduating and travelling to another country to be one with the love of my life. That was 2017 for me. But when life shook up in 2015, my fairytale was shattered. 2016 was magic, but magic I can comprehend and make sense of. It was surreal, surreal that I not only survived but flourished through it. I am, infact, very proud of myself. […]