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Autumn hues capture the imagination of all those blessed enough to feel the crisp air on their skin; the mesmerizing evening scene soothing souls, slowing steps that crunch leaves in catharsis   The landscape burning a brilliant red like a million dying suns enveloping the distant horizons, glowing away the last warmth of wisdom awaiting to embrace the darkness   For the summer sun shines no more but cold winds conquer the night The battle against time is the only one inevitably lost; Every glorious story ends, yet remains etched in hearts for eternity   Oh how spectacular can letting […]

About turning 20

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The exact moment I was born, I spent napping today. I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend that precious time. Nah, I had plans. I’m just consoling myself for the kind of lame life I lead. It’s not as fun as my social media might lead you to believe. But a girl’s gotta keep up her game. So, 20 entire years ago, as in 2 decades ago, I almost managed to kill my mother and myself in the process of being born. Maybe I was a lazy baby as well, but I was in a breech position and […]


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I found this in my notes today. Just one of those post-heartbreak kind of rants. The truth is that I was vulnerable, And you were so right for me, like the breeze bringing me relief from the sun that burned my skin and soul I enjoyed your presence, Thought, you brought along spring, I felt my heart heal, forget the misery and then your beautiful hands, they wrapped around me like a shield Our love was strong, against the world There were drizzles on some days but rainbows always came along, But then the rains turned into hurricanes the eye […]

Striking things off my bucket list kind of Sunday

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Of course you knew this was coming. It was a early morning for us, with our ride coming over before 7 am. Seems cruel, and it was, but it was completely worth it.  What we had in mind was the microlight (or microlight) and then going up close to the falls. The Victoria falls themselves. I remember learning about the wonders of the world and I added them all to the places I wanted to see. I didn’t even understand the concept of bucket list then, but it was right then that the falls were added to my list. I […]

Hello, December

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Last chapter in this book The sequel will continue But right now All I feel is the bitter-sweet feeling Of a reluctant goodbye I longed for the little things The cold mornings And the hot coffee mugs The auburn skies And the Christmas lights If I could, I would slow time down Live out my life with you Reliving all the chapters But never quite getting to the end Not until my end But life goes on The cold mornings turn hot And the hot coffees turn cold The auburn skies turn purple And the Christmas lights are taken down […]

Moving on

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As I sat in my bed, tears streaking down my face, I honestly envied all (alright, most) Disney princesses. Not for their damsel-in-distress kind of life stories, not for their “perfect” hair and curves, and most definitely not for the oppressive gender roles they accept and promote. I envied them because they all had fallen in love, and they had gotten their happily ever after. Cinderella or SnowWhite or Rapunzel, all of them had fallen in love with rather amazing men. And they had married them, and they had (as all the books and movies told me) a rather satisfying […]

Damn, Dove

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A friend of mine showed me some extremely famous advertisements (in form of social experiments) by Dove – the beauty products and body care brand. They were all about making women feel beautiful and accepting themselves as they are, helping them understand that they’re all perfect just the way they are. They aimed at helping women increase their self-worth and fix the skewed way in which we look at ourselves. Seeing that, I smiled and thought, wow, what an adorable, cute and caring little bunch of hypocritical jerks. I can almost hear the gasps by everyone. Trust me, I have […]

I hope you never figure out your life

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Do you guys remember that one time, that one time that you had your entire life figured out and you were content and happy and at peace? Yeah, me neither. You know why? Because there is no point in life where you’ll have nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about. Wait, before you click the unfollow button, let me explain myself. There will always be life issues. You’ll always worry about things. Sometimes they’ll be as small as whether or not the barista is going to give you your coffee at just the right temperature, and other times they’ll be about […]

Unbreakable bond

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She still remembered the day they first formed this unbreakable bond. She had just been placed into a foster family at the tender age of five, and as foster family tradition, went out for an ice dream on a Tuesday night. It was chilly, and Christmas was just around the corner. Lights made up for the gloomy winter nights, and carols were sung everywhere. She remembered buying chocolate ice cream, and her foster brother, whose name she yet had to learn, bought black current. As they walked down the street back to their modest house, their foster parents infront of […]


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When she goes out into the backyard, fingers intertwined with the one she loves, she looks up at the stars. Shining specks of light, illuminating the night with a spectacular magic, night after night. They twinkle as she gazes at them, enchanting her with their eternal presence. Up close, they are ferocious fireballs, engulfing themselves. But from where she stands, they shimmer with delicate presence. The little luminous lights above mirror her – burning inside, but brightening up someone’s night with such allure. She looks up at their glory and grandeur, or perhaps only the illusion of it. Millions of light years away, […]