Dear young men

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A list of things that young men should worry about in 2017. Stuff happening currently that has the potential for destroying, or at the least impacting their lives severely. These must be the things to be talked about on social media, on group forwards, in bars and in debates. Unemployment – It’s no secret. Finding jobs is getting difficult, especially jobs that pay the rent and keep you fed (ideally without sacrificing your mental health and social life) Tuition – For those of the current generation looking to pursue further studies, you know what I’m talking about. The tuition is […]

My brother tied me rakhi – and vice versa

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Yesterday, on the 28th of August, Saturday, was the festival of Raksha Bandhan. For people who aren’t acquainted with it, Raksha Bandhan literally translates into ‘bond of protection’. On this day, every sister ties her brother a rakhi – an overhyped and overpriced decorated piece of thread – and the brother, in turn, vows to protect his sister. Yes, doesn’t it ooze of sexism? Raksha Bandhan is perhaps the most patriarchal of all celebrations we have, where in the brother is supposed to provide and protect his sister(s) because he is the man of the family. It cements gender roles […]