Help Get Christine a Home

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Hello, everyone. I spent my summer in Zambia, teaching in a community school. That’s where I met Christine. She is 20 years old, likes to draw, has tremendous amount of swag. She also has cognitive impairment due to birth complications and other childhood neglect. She has lived in poverty and despair most her life, and the doctor we took her to suspected child abuse in her past. She takes shelter with her ailing mother in an abandoned bar, and they struggle for having a meal.  We managed to get her admitted into a special needs school – which focuses on […]


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Lately Saturday nights have been going rather slow. Instead of spending time with the best people on Earth, I do statistics in class and then end up collapsing in bed when I get home. Saturday night, and I’m nauseous because I might have had bad food. Also, I’m miserable. I knew that I would have to get on with life after Zambia, that it wasn’t permanent. It was supposed to be a trip to open my eyes and experience the world, and experience the world I did. I was free and happy, I was content. I knew I was making […]


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Most my week was spent with Christine, and it worked. We got her into a special school, and she’s going to be funded by the school itself. We got it done. The actual process itself was tedious. Government hospitals in Zambia are a lot like those back home – least amount of facilities, lazy staff, crazy levels of bureaucracy. This particular Doctor named Gongo absolutely refused to work, no matter how much I tried to explain to him the desperate situation we were in. The psychiatric department had no facilities, the doctors there had no electricity in their cabins. There […]

Third week already?

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I’m just realising that it’s Friday (Fez Bar Fridays, hell yeah). I’ve spent majority of my time in Zambia, and have only two more to go. Only two more until I get back home. Back to our classroom on the 5th floor, studying about the development patterns of middle schoolers. I love what I study, but I can’t lie. I don’t want to go back. I’ve found family over here. I’ve found an amazing roommate and some crazy friends. All of us together at dinner is like having a UN meet, sans the chaos and the mind games. It’s such […]

Adrenaline mornings

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Sunday was the day four of us decided to be suicidal. The Victoria Falls bungee jump is infamous for its accident, where a girl’s bungee cord snapped and she plunged into the Zambezi, and had to drag herself and the equipment to the bank of the river. She was lucky, though, for in November, the currents aren’t as bad as they are now. What did we decide to do after hearing about the accident? We decided to take the combo pack, and try our luck thrice on the same day. I had asked the doctor if I could bungee jump […]

I survived a cheetah attack

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Friday night (as per the norm) was clubbing. We went to two places, and got surrounding by men, forcing us to leave the place at around 2 am. I was hungover, and not in the mood to do anything. Nevertheless, we’d booked the lion and cheetah walk, and had to go. It was just Adrian and I at the walk, and it was pretty cool. I wore one of my favourite dresses for the photos, and carried my camera because I’d never seen a lion outside the zoo, much less touch one. It was a small little group that was […]

Catching up

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The last three days have been pretty good. I left off at the falls, because they deserved a blog entry of their own. But Sunday didn’t all revolve around the falls. It was much, much more than that. Also, as I write this, I hope my parents never find this blog. I got a new roommate on Sunday, Meika (or Meike as I like to call her) who is from Holland. She’s got a gorgeous smile and is the ideal first roommate, in all honesty. I didn’t know how I would adjust, but its pretty cool to have someone to […]

Striking things off my bucket list kind of Sunday

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Of course you knew this was coming. It was a early morning for us, with our ride coming over before 7 am. Seems cruel, and it was, but it was completely worth it.  What we had in mind was the microlight (or microlight) and then going up close to the falls. The Victoria falls themselves. I remember learning about the wonders of the world and I added them all to the places I wanted to see. I didn’t even understand the concept of bucket list then, but it was right then that the falls were added to my list. I […]

Royal Livingstone, Zambia

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When I said Saturday was going to be relaxed, I didn’t really mean it. After lunch and chilling around for a while, I was told I had to dress up. Again. It was mostly Katie who made me wear a dress, and in retrospect, I’m glad she did. There is a fancy place called the Royal Livingstone, which has rooms for £600 a night, and has random zebras around their lawn. More about that later. This place is right next to the Victoria Falls, and by that I mean you see the mist rising up in the air. It’s got […]

I’m apparently dating/engaged

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It’s Friday, and I’m thankful I don’t have to walk around for two more days. Ah, the pleasure. Today was the last day with the kids I’ve known for three days, and I already know some of them by name and their basic personalities. A girl named Sovia would do anything to escape work, and Osbourne is the super smart and nice one. There is George, who is the teacher’s favourite, and Purity who is the helpful one. I’m going to miss them. Come Monday, it’ll be a new bunch of kids and we’ll start all over again. We did […]