Some things

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I am sitting here, trying to write about something. And Nissim Ezekiel warned poets and authors to not write unless something truly inspirational happened. I live a life not very adventurous, there is no Robert Frost in me to see the poetic potential in mundane everyday things. And so, I write about nothing. John Green said that someone else said that some infinities are bigger than other infinities. For example, in infinity between 1 and 10 in bigger than the infinity between 1 and 2. But can infinity be boxed? And if it is boxed, is it really infinity? And […]


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Don’t fabricate me to be a Goddess For I am not invincible My insecurities are buried deep within my Soul that has perserved through The best and the worst of this world That I neither created, nor will destroy But only struggle to understand   I have mortal powers And stronger mortal emotions Forcing me into making mistakes To look back upon to frown, or smile My twisted thoughts mould me everyday to Pave my way through the labyrinth With no escape but death   My eyes shine brighter than the stars Red lips linger, heavenly Promising you hazy memories for […]

You, My Rollercoaster

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My life was an amusement park, I roamed around looking for things to make me smile. I had cotton candies on Merry-Go-Rounds and giggled at the music that played. I lived inside a Castle waiting for my Prince Charming, I snuck out to go on little adventures to Atlantis and Everest with the kindest of the souls one could imagine. You came into my life, my first roller coaster ride. I don’t know how I had missed you for all that time, but my gaze fell upon you. Standing in front of me, you reached for the clear blue skies and […]

Hello, 2016

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A new year, a new me. Literally. I did many things for the first time between the 31st and the 1st, and they are too personal to reveal anyway. Some memories make me laugh, the others make me mad. However, shit went down. Most importantly, I lost my wallet and phone. Yes, I lost all of it and now I’m relying on the cops to help me out. Fingers crossed. I really miss my phone, most of all. But oh well, lessons learned. Although my celebrations were…bitter sweet, to say the least, I do wish every single one of you a […]

You got friend-zoned? You deserve it

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I was scrolling across my facebook because I was bored (duh) and had already scrolled through twitter about eight times. Scrolling through selfies posted incessantly and passive-aggressive status updates, I saw an article. How to get out of the friend-zone, it said. Something in me flipped, and I logged into WordPress, and here comes yet another rant. Brace yourselves, dear readers. This is not going to be considerate of your feelings. Confession time, dear boys. Friend-zone exists. It’s that super-secret place hidden in a parallel universe, which can be accessed only by passing through a black hole in the middle of […]

“I’m sorry” he said

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“I’m sorry” he said. I smiled and told him it’s okay. He got mad about me talking to one of my male friends and started yelling at me when we were alone in the evening. I started crying, but he ignored me. But he said he was sorry, and I forgive him. “I’m sorry” he said. My boyfriend was furious I didn’t call him back. I tried to tell him I was driving and the traffic was bad, and I didn’t want to put anyone in undue risk. He told me that I wasn’t a good girlfriend and that I […]

Moving on

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As I sat in my bed, tears streaking down my face, I honestly envied all (alright, most) Disney princesses. Not for their damsel-in-distress kind of life stories, not for their “perfect” hair and curves, and most definitely not for the oppressive gender roles they accept and promote. I envied them because they all had fallen in love, and they had gotten their happily ever after. Cinderella or SnowWhite or Rapunzel, all of them had fallen in love with rather amazing men. And they had married them, and they had (as all the books and movies told me) a rather satisfying […]

Equality, she says

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She stands in front of me, hands over her hips. With a brow raised, her eyes pierce through my soul and I try to read her mind. “Equality” she keeps saying to me. Equality between the sexes. She insists on splitting the bill. She thinks she should pay, but she doesn’t understand that it’s the man’s job to provide for his woman, to pamper her with dinner outside once in a blue moon for all the dinners she cooks at home. But she can’t cook, and she wants to split the bill. She hates the kitchen but she loves that […]

I hope you never figure out your life

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Do you guys remember that one time, that one time that you had your entire life figured out and you were content and happy and at peace? Yeah, me neither. You know why? Because there is no point in life where you’ll have nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about. Wait, before you click the unfollow button, let me explain myself. There will always be life issues. You’ll always worry about things. Sometimes they’ll be as small as whether or not the barista is going to give you your coffee at just the right temperature, and other times they’ll be about […]

Drip. Drip.

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Drip. Drip. The water droplets fell on her face as she hurried back home. She walked, no ran, into her apartment and into the washroom. She needed to hide herself in her fortress, where she could escape those disgusted stares. They kept mumbling something about her, they kept pointing figures at her. She needed an escape. Drip. Drip. The water droplets spiralled down the basin from the leaky faucet. She tried to wet her face and scrub to get it clean, but the marks just won’t disappear. She could see them now, the black spots people saw on her face. […]