Chester Bennington

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Dear Chester Bennington, You’re gone. You took your own life, in your apartment, on the birthday of your late friend Chris Cornell. I suppose you were in a place in your head, a place even your lyrical genius would have a hard time describing. Perhaps, it weighed down on you, all the years of abuse and suffering. Some memories are too heavy to carry forward, all alone. There are so many things I wish you’d know, now that you’re gone. I am a little too late, you’re gone a little too early. Your voice has seen me through plenty of […]


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Here I am, a twenty-something year old. I’m at the age that I assumed I would have found stability at. The age where I would know what I want to do, where I want to be. I would have an independent life and a puppy, living in a studio apartment overlooking an ancient city. Maybe Rome, or Rio De Janeiro. The possibilities would be endless. Yet, as I type this, I realise how stupid I was at fifteen. Because I don’t know what exactly is my life now. I’m not entirely sure if I want to follow the path that […]


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I found this in my notes today. Just one of those post-heartbreak kind of rants. The truth is that I was vulnerable, And you were so right for me, like the breeze bringing me relief from the sun that burned my skin and soul I enjoyed your presence, Thought, you brought along spring, I felt my heart heal, forget the misery and then your beautiful hands, they wrapped around me like a shield Our love was strong, against the world There were drizzles on some days but rainbows always came along, But then the rains turned into hurricanes the eye […]

Learning to drive?

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It’s February and some, which means most of us are back to being the lazy, messed up selves we were in 2015. Congratulations on not adhering to yet another New Year resolution! I couldn’t be any prouder. Anyhoo, this post is targetted for a specific audience, which should have been evident when you saw the title. But if you are a pro at driving (stop throwing it in my face, you) and don’t feel the need to read ahead, this might just be like a trip down memory lane and remind you that you were not always perfect. So if […]

You, My Rollercoaster

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My life was an amusement park, I roamed around looking for things to make me smile. I had cotton candies on Merry-Go-Rounds and giggled at the music that played. I lived inside a Castle waiting for my Prince Charming, I snuck out to go on little adventures to Atlantis and Everest with the kindest of the souls one could imagine. You came into my life, my first roller coaster ride. I don’t know how I had missed you for all that time, but my gaze fell upon you. Standing in front of me, you reached for the clear blue skies and […]

Guidelines for my funeral

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You only live once? Not really. But you only die once. The finality of it can be scary, daunting. But as much as I’m scared of death and all things supernatural associated with it, I want to be able to see my funeral. I want to see who cries and who mourns and who ditches the entire thing. I want to see the people who were my entire life, and I want to see what I meant to them. But I also want some things done. I know, funerals aren’t for the dead but for the living. They’re to gain […]

You don’t

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You don’t realize how your hair fall like gentle waves when you tilt your head while thinking. You don’t know how your eyes sparkle when your favorite song comes on the radio. You don’t see your nose crunch a little when you think about something mischievous. You don’t feel the gentleness with which you caress your kitten. You don’t hear the squeaky, but heart warming voice of yours. You don’t know how your laugh makes someone’s day. You don’t realize how your tight hugs make the others’ world perfect for those few moments. You don’t notice your little acts of […]