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Autumn hues capture the imagination of all those blessed enough to feel the crisp air on their skin; the mesmerizing evening scene soothing souls, slowing steps that crunch leaves in catharsis   The landscape burning a brilliant red like a million dying suns enveloping the distant horizons, glowing away the last warmth of wisdom awaiting to embrace the darkness   For the summer sun shines no more but cold winds conquer the night The battle against time is the only one inevitably lost; Every glorious story ends, yet remains etched in hearts for eternity   Oh how spectacular can letting […]

Ways to make them smile

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Leave notes for them Cook them their favorite food Cuddle Plan to binge watch their favorite movies Plan a night out Build a fort together Go on a long drive Stargaze Take a trip to the beach Pick up a flower that reminds you of them Kiss their forehead Just, kiss them Try singing them their favorite song Set them a warm bath Click candid photos of them Run an errand for them Listen to them Hug them a little longer, a little tigher Gift them a good book Compliment their outfit Tickle them Have a breakfast date Call them […]


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Here I am, a twenty-something year old. I’m at the age that I assumed I would have found stability at. The age where I would know what I want to do, where I want to be. I would have an independent life and a puppy, living in a studio apartment overlooking an ancient city. Maybe Rome, or Rio De Janeiro. The possibilities would be endless. Yet, as I type this, I realise how stupid I was at fifteen. Because I don’t know what exactly is my life now. I’m not entirely sure if I want to follow the path that […]

A football match

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Yesterday I was flipping through TV and I came across a football match. Manchester United vs Everton, it said, and memories came rushing back to me. I went back in my bedroom, just before the tears slipped down my face. I went back to another one of those nights, Machester United vs Everton I think. I’m not sure. But it was an important match, and things weren’t going so well for the team before. You were going to a local bar to watch the match, and I had wished you luck. If only you knew, I wanted to talk to […]

What my LDR taught me

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For the uninitiated, LDR means a long distance relationship. And yes, I was in one. It didn’t work out, which is obvious from the use of past tense in the previous sentence. I’m not here to play the blame game. I’ve done it plenty. Today, leaving all my grudges and anger aside, I’m going to try and look at everything that 2+ years of LDR taught me. “Distance makes the heart fonder” is false. There is nothing about the distance that made me love him more. My love for him didn’t magnify with the ocean sitting stubbornly between us. It […]

You got friend-zoned? You deserve it

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I was scrolling across my facebook because I was bored (duh) and had already scrolled through twitter about eight times. Scrolling through selfies posted incessantly and passive-aggressive status updates, I saw an article. How to get out of the friend-zone, it said. Something in me flipped, and I logged into WordPress, and here comes yet another rant. Brace yourselves, dear readers. This is not going to be considerate of your feelings. Confession time, dear boys. Friend-zone exists. It’s that super-secret place hidden in a parallel universe, which can be accessed only by passing through a black hole in the middle of […]

“I’m sorry” he said

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“I’m sorry” he said. I smiled and told him it’s okay. He got mad about me talking to one of my male friends and started yelling at me when we were alone in the evening. I started crying, but he ignored me. But he said he was sorry, and I forgive him. “I’m sorry” he said. My boyfriend was furious I didn’t call him back. I tried to tell him I was driving and the traffic was bad, and I didn’t want to put anyone in undue risk. He told me that I wasn’t a good girlfriend and that I […]

Moving on

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As I sat in my bed, tears streaking down my face, I honestly envied all (alright, most) Disney princesses. Not for their damsel-in-distress kind of life stories, not for their “perfect” hair and curves, and most definitely not for the oppressive gender roles they accept and promote. I envied them because they all had fallen in love, and they had gotten their happily ever after. Cinderella or SnowWhite or Rapunzel, all of them had fallen in love with rather amazing men. And they had married them, and they had (as all the books and movies told me) a rather satisfying […]