Human touch

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Relationship status of tinder-matches turned fuckbuddies, of strangers who sext through their lonely nights   Without asking the other what their name means, or never watching their eyes sparkle when they talk about their passion   Tagging each other in memes while saving BuzzFeed for the special days they feel like bonding, bitmoji doing their bidding for booty calls   Staying silent about that nasty scar on her hips and never mentioning the night he broke down in a bar   For why bother sky gazing when you can get as high as them, in the back of a car that’s […]

To-be Bride

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Oh, darling, don’t you look stunning? Maybe just cover up your cleavage a little You’re going to be someone’s honour and pride, so, don’t wear lipstick so bright   Let’s get you some haldi, make you fair and lovely just like her, without the burns, oh, but I’m so sure, she only had an accident while cooking   Such a brilliant child, with your PhD, be careful not to flaunt it He may not like feeling inferior to his new wife He’s the man of the house, you see?   Ah, yes, of course you can work! If your in-laws […]


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Here I am, a twenty-something year old. I’m at the age that I assumed I would have found stability at. The age where I would know what I want to do, where I want to be. I would have an independent life and a puppy, living in a studio apartment overlooking an ancient city. Maybe Rome, or Rio De Janeiro. The possibilities would be endless. Yet, as I type this, I realise how stupid I was at fifteen. Because I don’t know what exactly is my life now. I’m not entirely sure if I want to follow the path that […]


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‘No’ isn’t a mere word…it’s an entire sentence on its own. It doesn’t require any enquiry, justification, explanation or interpretation. These boys must realise, ‘No’ means ‘No’, regardless of whether the girl is an acquaintance, a friend, your girlfriend, a sex worker or even your wife. ‘No’ means ‘No’. And when someone says so, you STOP. -Amitabh Bachchan in Pink And here I am again. This time, with a quote by a legend in the film industry. Hoping, praying, that maybe someone so prominent might manage to bring about a small change. That after decades of movies revolving around a […]


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Don’t fabricate me to be a Goddess For I am not invincible My insecurities are buried deep within my Soul that has perserved through The best and the worst of this world That I neither created, nor will destroy But only struggle to understand   I have mortal powers And stronger mortal emotions Forcing me into making mistakes To look back upon to frown, or smile My twisted thoughts mould me everyday to Pave my way through the labyrinth With no escape but death   My eyes shine brighter than the stars Red lips linger, heavenly Promising you hazy memories for […]

Be You

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I go on twitter, and I see girls being so excited for their pumpkin latte and scarves and boots and dressing up as a minion for Halloween and then, I scroll down, to see all the hate they get. Basic, they say. You know what? You are excited for something and you feel happy doing things that you do. Yes, maybe they’re cliché and maybe they’re done too often but that doesn’t make anything bad. People breathe everyday, and nobody says ‘basic bitch’. You have the luxury to find happiness in Starbucks? Damn right, then you buy whatever you want […]

Appreciating Queerness

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I have a man’s body. I accept this body. I offer it to everyone. I have a woman’s body. I accept this body. I offer it to everyone. I have a man’s body. I reject this body. I desire no one. I have a woman’s body. I reject this body. I desire no one. I don’t know if my body is a woman’s or a man’s. I feel I am a woman. I don’t know if my body is a man’s or a woman’s. I feel I am a man. I have a man’s body. It should be a woman’s. […]