To-be Bride

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Oh, darling, don’t you look stunning? Maybe just cover up your cleavage a little You’re going to be someone’s honour and pride, so, don’t wear lipstick so bright   Let’s get you some haldi, make you fair and lovely just like her, without the burns, oh, but I’m so sure, she only had an accident while cooking   Such a brilliant child, with your PhD, be careful not to flaunt it He may not like feeling inferior to his new wife He’s the man of the house, you see?   Ah, yes, of course you can work! If your in-laws […]

Damn, Dove

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A friend of mine showed me some extremely famous advertisements (in form of social experiments) by Dove – the beauty products and body care brand. They were all about making women feel beautiful and accepting themselves as they are, helping them understand that they’re all perfect just the way they are. They aimed at helping women increase their self-worth and fix the skewed way in which we look at ourselves. Seeing that, I smiled and thought, wow, what an adorable, cute and caring little bunch of hypocritical jerks. I can almost hear the gasps by everyone. Trust me, I have […]