Chester Bennington

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Dear Chester Bennington, You’re gone. You took your own life, in your apartment, on the birthday of your late friend Chris Cornell. I suppose you were in a place in your head, a place even your lyrical genius would have a hard time describing. Perhaps, it weighed down on you, all the years of abuse and suffering. Some memories are too heavy to carry forward, all alone. There are so many things I wish you’d know, now that you’re gone. I am a little too late, you’re gone a little too early. Your voice has seen me through plenty of […]

You don’t

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You don’t realize how your hair fall like gentle waves when you tilt your head while thinking. You don’t know how your eyes sparkle when your favorite song comes on the radio. You don’t see your nose crunch a little when you think about something mischievous. You don’t feel the gentleness with which you caress your kitten. You don’t hear the squeaky, but heart warming voice of yours. You don’t know how your laugh makes someone’s day. You don’t realize how your tight hugs make the others’ world perfect for those few moments. You don’t notice your little acts of […]