To the white boys

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I’m not your exotic princess   My skin, shades of brown, narrates stories more ancient than time, and yet, it is reduced to the colour of your favorite coffee   Hair, dark as the night, they fly in pride; as I stride to conquer the world that you bent against me, but you’d rather have them dyed – light   A little too wide, pair of eyes, curious to absorb eternity, but careful to remain eluded, to give away¬†nothing that you can use as a gun to my head   You can carry the ammunition as right, yet you fear […]

Humanity washes ashore every day, every where

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The photo of Aylan Kurdi, who died while trying to flee his war-struck country of Syria, was all over the social ¬†media. A boy of three, face down, on the beaches of Turkey. Lifeless. Yes, we all know the photo. We all sympathise with the father, who lost both his children and his wife. We all want our policy makers to answer our questions. We all want justice. We all want to do something, anything, so that these atrocities stop. That is until the next celebrity break up. You see, our world kills people every single day and we don’t […]