Prague – Maslow’s basics

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There’s a reason Prague is so popular with tourists. It’s cheap, accessible and has some of the coolest bivo – or beer – places you’ll ever come across. The Bohemian city has been like that dramatic theatre kid throughout history, always in the spotlight. And spotlight it gets. Be it acting as a catalyst of the 30 years war or a President that rivals Trump in the crazy department, they’ve got it all. Getting to Prague, of course, is easy. Just fly in on their large, eerily deserted airport. Like most major airports, they have a bus (119) that travels […]

To the white boys

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I’m not your exotic princess   My skin, shades of brown, narrates stories more ancient than time, and yet, it is reduced to the colour of your favorite coffee   Hair, dark as the night, they fly in pride; as I stride to conquer the world that you bent against me, but you’d rather have them dyed – light   A little too wide, pair of eyes, curious to absorb eternity, but careful to remain eluded, to give away┬ánothing that you can use as a gun to my head   You can carry the ammunition as right, yet you fear […]

Hello, Africa

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Disclaimer : I’ll be posting a lot through my phone, and the posts may not look at pretty. Apologies. I woke up at 1 am to catch my flight. 1 am is cruel on so many levels. I woke up and then went to the airport. Guess what? My flight got delayed. I had to pay Rs. 138 because they forgot to take some taxes. I was amused and annoyed at the same time. The airline made me check in two bags, so I had to shift things from one bag to the other. And then came security. Half an […]