To-be Bride

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Oh, darling, don’t you look stunning? Maybe just cover up your cleavage a little You’re going to be someone’s honour and pride, so, don’t wear lipstick so bright   Let’s get you some haldi, make you fair and lovely just like her, without the burns, oh, but I’m so sure, she only had an accident while cooking   Such a brilliant child, with your PhD, be careful not to flaunt it He may not like feeling inferior to his new wife He’s the man of the house, you see?   Ah, yes, of course you can work! If your in-laws […]

Appreciating History

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When I was little, I detested studying history. Maybe it was about remembering the years and the timelines of all the emperors and kings, or maybe it was about the names of all the Greek philosophers I could never fathom. I didn’t find it interesting or necessary to study what happened in the past. I mean, who cared how the French Revolution happened? We got our ideas of liberty, fraternity and equality, which was more than enough for me. But then I realised, history isn’t that simple. You see, all my life I was taught that history can be divided […]

Equality, she says

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She stands in front of me, hands over her hips. With a brow raised, her eyes pierce through my soul and I try to read her mind. “Equality” she keeps saying to me. Equality between the sexes. She insists on splitting the bill. She thinks she should pay, but she doesn’t understand that it’s the man’s job to provide for his woman, to pamper her with dinner outside once in a blue moon for all the dinners she cooks at home. But she can’t cook, and she wants to split the bill. She hates the kitchen but she loves that […]


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I’m a proud feminist. There, I said it. Now, I know what’s up in your mind. I must really hate men, and I must be one of those crazy girls who refuse to wear bras and do their eyebrows. Well, grow up. There is so much more to the term “feminism” than most of us even consider. To start with, feminism is not synonymous with man-hating. I will respect every person who deserves my respect, and that is the only criteria. I will hate you only if you’re a person who believes having testosterone and a penis makes a human being […]