To-be Bride

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Oh, darling, don’t you look stunning?

Maybe just cover up your cleavage a little

You’re going to be someone’s

honour and pride,

so, don’t wear lipstick so bright


Let’s get you some haldi,

make you fair and lovely

just like her, without the burns,

oh, but I’m so sure,

she only had an accident while cooking


Such a brilliant child, with your PhD,

be careful not to flaunt it

He may not like feeling inferior

to his new wife

He’s the man of the house, you see?


Ah, yes, of course you can work!

If your in-laws would want you to,

you’re their property now

but your house chores

must still be your priority


This, this might sound irrational

because we’re modern,

you could wear jeans and take selfies

But hide your face, bow your head,

don’t utter a word, forget that giggle


Your husband will give you his name

so you must ensure you take care

Make his rotis are soft and round

his shirts clean and crisp;

don’t give him an excuse to slap you


He might lose control sometimes

we women, we don’t act sensibly

and have to be brought back to reality

He’ll get flowers the next day,

and then you forgive him


One day, maybe soon

he’ll want more than your dowry

he’ll want a baby – no, a son

and you must bless him with one

that’s your divine duty, right?


Now go, be a Goddess

bless them with happiness

whatever the cost to your heart

For you are a woman, compromise

learn to forward the tradition on





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