To the white boys

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I’m not

your exotic princess


My skin, shades of brown,

narrates stories more ancient

than time,

and yet, it is reduced

to the colour of your favorite coffee


Hair, dark as the night,

they fly in pride; as I stride

to conquer the world that you

bent against me,

but you’d rather have them

dyed – light


A little too wide, pair of eyes,

curious to absorb eternity,

but careful to remain eluded,

to give away nothing

that you can use

as a gun to my head


You can carry the ammunition

as right,

yet you fear that I might

blow you up,

shoot you down,

more than you do, every day


I go through

the background checks,

the ‘random’ security checks,

only so you can check me out

and call me

your exotic princess


You may have ruled us once

but never again

will I allow you to convince me

of my inferiority,

will I allow you to conquer me

and leave me in ruins

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